Stainless Steel Spirograph Seat

The complexity of this design meant conventional metal forming methods were not an option…

The Project

Our team was contacted by the designer of this delicate piece of art, to see if we had the capabilities to produce what was required. We were able to advise we did, utilising the capacity of our 2 axis CNC rolling machine.

The Challenge

The design was full of challenges… with nearly no two radii the same! Our challenge was to help the designer with what information we require to produce the shapes accurately, and then we proceeded to program each arcing section individually.

The solution

Once the programs were created, it was a matter of processing each piece of material and checking the curves against a full sized template. By checking each piece individually it meant that the job of the metal worker was made simpler and more efficient. The end result is a truly impressive piece of Artwork!

Metal Shaper – c8 Design

Scope – Material Procurement, CNC Rolling, Delivery to site