Daunting made simpler for the Melbourne School of Design

By giving timely technical advice to the design team, we made the complex and daunting much simpler…

The Project

One of the key goals at the conception of this project was to make an architectural statement, given the use of the facilities as the new ‘Melbourne School of Design’. That goal was certainly achieved by the various architects and design teams involved! The wow factor is undeniable, and we are proud to have played a critical role in the metalwork phases of this work of art.

The Challenge

The unique stainless steel tubular designs in the project had the potential to create problems during fabrication.

The design team on the project were in touch with our technical team in the early stages of the metalwork phase, and this gave us the opportunity to give input on how things were done – ultimately saving time, money and unnecessary problems. We were able to attend critical interstate design meetings and were regularly drawn on for advice and technical expertise.
Our challenge was to manufacture the fully custom designs and deliver the different stages of the project to the fabrication company exactly to drawing, and within the tight time frames required.

The solution

We delivered our component of the project successfully by communicating regularly and responding quickly to any issues as they arose. This enabled the fabrication company to produce the finished product and deliver on time.

Scope – CAD Drafting, Material Procurement, CNC Bending, Delivery

Photos – Credits to Simon Wood Photography