Military Tank and Pump Assemblies (TPA)

CNC accuracy and repeatability takes away the pain…

The Project

Our client was successful in securing a contract direct with the ADF for the complete manufacture of 141 TPA units. A team was set up that was dedicated to this project, and the prototyping phase was worked through systematically. Bendpro was contacted during this phase of the project regarding the complex tube line requirements, and a visit was arranged to discuss the project in more detail.

The Challenge

With over 100 meters of intricate tubes on each TPA, the need for 100% accuracy and repeatability was paramount. We worked through each drawing with our client to ensure the shape could be achieved, and suggested modifications wherever necessary. Delivery of the tubes in good shape was also of utmost importance, and this created a challenge due to the length and shapes of the tubes and the small diameter of it.

The Solution

Our CNC 15, 7 axis bending machine was perfect for the application, and performed 100% to meet and maintain the tolerances required. By utilising steel stillage’s with closed ends, we were able to completely enclose the fragile tubing and deliver it to site intact and ready to install.

Scope of Works

CAD Drafting, Material Procurement, CNC Bending, Delivery to site.