Conveyor Skirting Frames, North Queensland

Our A1 bending service saves time and re-works, ensuring timely completion of a large mining project…

Client – Melco Engineering Pty Ltd

The Project

Our client was awarded this 900 meter conveyor skirting frame project based on their reputation for quality and the fact they could commit to delivering within the tight time frames required.

The Challenge

Deliver a quality result in a compressed time frame!

The solution

By contacting Bendpro, our client was amazed at the speed we were able prepare pricing and sort out the details around the project. This gave them confidence to work with us, and as the testimonial points out – they were not disappointed!

Client Testimonial

To compete in an increasingly competitive market where quality & delivery times are critical, moving our bending need to Bendpro was the best change we ever made. In 2011 Bendpro assisted Melco with the major supply of 900 meters of Conveyor Skirting Frames ($600k) and were able to meet all extremely tight delivery time frames, all items were delivered to Melco in A1 condition. Bendpro offers an outstanding door to door service in metal bending that makes life easier for us.

Melco Engineering Pty Ltd | Project Planner

Scope – Material Procurement, CNC Bending, Weld prep, Delivery to site