316 Stainless Steel tube – Evaporator Coils

A challenging component made simpler through cutting edge technology and invaluable experience…

The Project

Manufacture coils in batch quantities of 1000 from 4.78 x 0.7 seamless 316L stainless steel tube, with over 50 individual bends in each coil at varying angles and plane rotations. The coils were to be supplied cleaned to food grade standards and individually bagged and identified ready for installation.

The Challenge

Develop a program that produces the coil in one piece, while maintaining consistency and ensuring it doesn’t interfere with any of the moving parts of the machine and tooling while being processed.

The Solution

Create a program using our latest technology and most experienced operators, then run a trial. Based on the results of the trial, we made small adjustments to the parameters before starting the volume production run. Our machine settings were then recorded in detail to ensure repeatability and an efficient set-up on the next production run.

Scope – Material Procurement, 7 Axis CNC Bending, End forming, Delivery to site