Metal Tooling

Bendpro’s metal tooling range is extensive and regularly upgraded in response to client demand.

With one of the broadest ranges of tooling available in Australia today, engineers and designers regularly approach product or component specifications based on our tooling capabilities. Our investment in tooling is ongoing. Please feel free to contact our technical advisors if your tooling requirements are not part of our current inventory.

Download a Copy of Our Tooling List

Material Size Range Die Sets
Tube Ø3.18 (1/8″) to 101.6 (4″) 60+
Pipe 10NB (1/4″) to 100NB (4″) 40+
RHS* 25.4×12.7 & 65x35mm 3+
SHS** 12.7 to 50mm 20+
Solid Bar Ø6.0 up to Ø50.0mm 30+
2 Axis Rolling
TUBE Ø12.7 to Ø50.8mm 7+
SOLID BAR Ø10, Ø20mm 2+
PIPE 20NB (¾”) to 40NB (1½”) 4+
SHS** 19.0 to 25.4mm 3+
3 Axis Rolling
TUBE Ø6.35 to Ø31.8mm 7+
Section Rolling
TUBE Ø19.05 to Ø76.2mm 8+
PIPE 15NB (½”) to 80NB (3″) 8+

* Rectangular Hollow Section ** Square Hollow Section