CNC Tube Bending and Rolling 

Bendpro’s comprehensive range of CNC tube bending and rolling machinery delivers the highest degree of complexity available under one roof – ramping up capacity for one-piece manufacturing with CNC repeatability for large-scale production.

At Bendpro, we set the benchmark for what is possible – and we are often called upon to guide prototype development against our diverse and evolving tooling capabilities. Some of Australia’s largest manufacturers and energy providers have established their specification standards from our bending and rolling capabilities.

Every Bendpro client benefits from the quality standards and expertise of our trusted technical advisors, qualified trades and production managers. With tube bending that produces 3mm tube to 100NB pipe, you will secure the most cost effective, feasible bending or rolling solution for your business with Bendpro.

The Bendpro 3D Romer | Tube Inspection Arm

Bendpro’s 3D Romer Tube Inspection Arm reverse engineers tube or pipe assemblies – and produces FAI and ITP reports for quality assurance to the highest degree of accuracy available. Our 3D Romer scanning technology automatically calculates and communicates bend corrections to our CNC bending machines – reducing start-up wastage and production time.