Ready to Fab Pipe Kits

By combining our pipe bending and metal processing abilities and material buying power, Bendpro delivers cost effective, ready to fabricate pipe kits direct to clients' doors Australia wide.

Our pre-fab pipe kits eliminate the constraints associated with welding in a fabrication shop, such as flame, fumes and fire watch. Your projects will progress faster and more safely when using Bendpro's ready to fabricate pipe kits to meet your pipe bending applications.

We follow stringent quality parameters starting from raw material to final welding quality and dimensions. Bendpro is fully qualified to ISO 9001:2008 QA standards.

We manufacture ready to install quality pipe kits in galvanised steel, aluminium, brass, copper and alloys to the shape required by any and every application and industry projects of all sizes.

Markets to whom Bendpro has supplied its pre-fabricated sheet metal assemblies directly to their jobsite include automotive, water/wastewater treatment, petrochemical, power generation, refinery and pharmaceutical.

Bendpro provides the link from concept to kit

  • Deal with one supplier for all your specialised processing (including laser cut components)
  • Save time and money by reducing the number of joins/fabrication time
  • Open doors to new business opportunities
  • We can supply a marked up plan to ensure ease of assembly

Advantages to you:

  • Increased labour efficiencies by keeping the fabricator welding in lieu of measuring, cutting, etc.
  • Increased accuracy, all prep work is done in a shop controlled environment with the right equipment.
  • Identification labels - all materials are clearly marked for easy identification during assembly.

Make us your outsourced metal benders!

Ready to Fab Pipe Kits Case Studies