End Forming, Notching & Swaging

Bendpro is recognised for its end forming innovation and expertise in creating a diverse range of joint options for hundreds of applications. We are the manufacturer of choice for tube processing, tube notching, pipe notching, swaged tube and a wide range of end forming solutions.

Taking on the specialised elements of pipe and tube processing for our clients gives them an edge in product options/capabilities while keeping their commitment to specialised plant and equipment minimal.

Our CNC end former allows Bendpro to efficiently produce the complexity of tube end forming such as industry standard flares, roll beads, reducing, expanding, sizing and other associated tube ends.

We undertake all tube and pipe end forming applications by swaging, notching, flaring, bulging, bending, cutting, slotting, grooving, crimping, tapering, or telescoping to deliver the required shape.

We can end form tubes from small hypodermic (capillary) up to 3.125” diameter. We are equipped to end form all types of metal alloys including aluminium, copper, brass, stainless steel, and others.

Bendpro offers the complete solution to machinery & equipment manufacturers by also fully preparing tubes ready to install using highly sophisticated tube cleaning equipment.

End Forming

The forming of hollow sections in die-set can be arranged as needed. Press tooling is designed and produced to suit your requirements.


Tooling is available for all common sizes of pipe and tube up to 3"/65NB. These materials can be notched square to the end or at an angle of up to 60° to suit your application.


Pipe and tube can be swaged up and down to create a male/female joint that can be used to advantage in kit form assemblies.

End Forming, Notching & Swaging Case Studies