7 Kilometres of Fauna Fence in South East Queensland

7 Kilometres of Fauna Fence in South East Queensland

Fast and cost effective option proven by utilising mandrel bending rather than traditional fabrication…


The Client


Ryno Fencing


The Project


Our client was awarded the contract for the supply and install of approximately 7 kilometres of fauna proof fence just south of Brisbane QLD. With a tight time frame to complete the job, all options were being looked at to speed the process up.


The Challenge


The design of this fence included approximately 2300 quantity of 80 NB Heavy wall (Ø88.9 x 4.9) pipe posts with a ‘crank’ at the top of them. There were two options – Weld and hot dip galvanize the posts to create the angle, or have them mandrel bent to the right angle using pre hot dip galvanized pipe. The fastest and most cost effective option was obvious!


The solution


Eliminating the need for welding and hot dip galvanizing was a big time saver and meant that our customer could request the product to arrive in ‘just in time’ deliveries with no delays.


Bendpro was also able to press three equally spaced crimps into the ‘cranked’ end of the posts to act as guides for the barbed wire by making tooling for our 50 T C frame press – a further time saver on site.


Client Testimonial


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all the staff at Bendpro for a job well done.Over the last 3 months, we have installed 6756 lineal meters of koala fencing for the Department of Defence at Greenbank as part of our scope of works for the Trackstar Alliance.


When accepting this job, we were very concerned on how we would meet the need to have 80nb Heavy Posts (3.6m long) fabricated. Bendpro was the only company in South East Queensland that would, provide a competetive price, meet guidelines and short timeframes and provide a product that was above Australian Standards and exceed the requirements of our client.


Bendpro provided us with 2300 posts, Cranked and Crimped in the short space of time. Delivery when requested was prompt and the communication we had regarding scope, timeframes and delivery assisted us in meeting all the clients goals.


I would recommend Bendpro at any time and would personally like to thank you and your staff for a job well done. Exceptional work by both the fabrication staff, project management and your delivery team.


Again, thank you very much for making this project a success.


Kind Regards


Graham Woods


Managing Director | Ryno Fencing


Scope – Material Procurement, CNC Bending, Pressing, Delivery to site