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Metal Rolling Perth

Metal Rolling for Perth-based Clients

For more than three decades, Bendpro has been at the forefront of metal rolling technology and practical solutions. Using state of the art machinery, operated by experienced technicians with a strong understanding of contemporary metalworking requirements, we create a wide range of custom shapes using all common tube sizes.

We undertake metal rolling for Perth based clients from a wide range of different industries and backgrounds, from architecture and construction to processing and manufacturing. Our team have the training necessary to work straight from drawings, designs, templates and even existing product samples. We use a CNC 7-axis section rolling machine which allows for efficient setup, meaning we can offer small batches or even single items at competitively low rates.

With our technology and decades of combined expertise, the components we can produce are limited virtually only by your imagination. From simple circles of all diameters to complex, precise curves and even spirals and other shapes, Bendpro can do it all. We roll all common tube sizes in either mild or stainless steel. A range of specialised aluminium extrusions are also available, for those applications where light weight is essential. Typical applications of our metal rolling work include (but are not limited to) flanges, structural supports, and architectural steel work (see images on this page and in our gallery).

Our staff are happy to discuss your project requirements, and provide design/manufacturing guidance. For more information or to arrange a quote, call 1800 009 776 or use our handy online contact form.