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Metal Rolling Adelaide

Custom metal rolling for Adelaide-based organisations and projects

Adelaide-based project managers, contractors and other stakeholders can rely on the metal rolling services of Bendpro. For over thirty years, we have been helping businesses from all different backgrounds to achieve the perfect custom components and structures, from angle flanges and tube coils to architectural steel parts. Whether you’re in construction, interior architecture, plant/manufacturing, automotive or any other industry, we can provide you with professional metal rolling at cost effective rates.

We work with all common tube sizes, creating a variety of shapes and profiles including circles, precise curves, and even complex geometric shapes. Explore our gallery for a sample of projects we’ve contributed to over the years. Our CNC 7-Axis machinery is quick to set up, meaning we can produce small batches or single items with no exorbitant set-up charges. What’s more, the programming we use for metal rolling is designed to minimise wastage by at least 50%, by rolling close to the end of the bars. This means we can fulfil your needs efficiently, as well as delivering an impeccable product.

Our experienced staff can work from a variety of plans, including drawings, templates and existing samples. This means you and your staff don’t have to spend time putting your plans into a designated format. Additionally, we’re happy to provide ad hoc design and manufacturing advice to ensure you get the right service. For more information or to get started on a custom quote, please call 1800 009 776 or contact us online.