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Perth Metal Bending


Make Bendpro your number one choice for metal bending services in Perth

Celebrating 30 years in the industry, Bendpro is at the forefront of metal bending and rolling solutions in Australia. Our expertise in mandrel, pipe and tube bending, hydraulic tubing, end forming, and section rolling is second to none.

We service various industries such as oil, gas, defence, mining, energy, engineering and construction, medical, and transport. We work to understand your project requirements and offer tailor made product solutions.

Our services

  • CNC Mandrel Bending – creates tight radius bends without warping metal
  • CNC 2-Axis Rolling – able to produce complex curved metal forms
  • Section/Ring Rolling – flat bar and angle flanges, angle bending, structural supports, tube and coil bending etc.
  • End forming, notching, and swaging – tube processing and notching, pipe notching, swaged tube etc.
  • Solid Bar Bending – tube and metal pipe bending – flat and round bar.
  • Ready to Fabricate Pipe Kits – a more time and labour efficient option.
  • Hydraulic Tubing – industry standard flares and pre-set metric cutting rings.
  • Metal Componentry – bend tube, pipe, HSH, RHS, and solid bar in flat and round finishes.
  • CAD Drafting & Design – 3D CAD/CAM designs components and model assemblies.
  • Induction Bends – free shape processing and small radius bending for heavy-walled pipes.
  • Handrail Components – custom industrial and pedestrian handrails.


We are able bend metals including aluminium, stainless steel, mild steel, copper, brass, and alloys

Our commitment

We combine our experience and the latest technology to provide you with reliable, custom products, at competitive prices. We guarantee the highest quality components, a quote in as little time as possible, freight inclusive pricing, short delivery times, cutting edge technology, and quality assurance qualifications.

Contact us today for more information on our comprehensive metal bending services in Perth and Australia wide.