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Melbourne Metal Bending


Bendpro offers an extensive range of metal bending services in Melbourne to suit your project requirements.

When it comes to metal bending, Bendpro is leading the field. We specialise in mandrel bending, pipe and tube bending, end forming, hydraulic tubing, and section rolling. Our experts use the latest machinery to create industry esteemed products.

We provide metal bending solutions to many industries in Melbourne, including mining, transport, gas, oil, medical, defence, engineering, and energy. We love a challenge, and are confident we can offer you the perfect solution for your application.

Our services

  • CNC Mandrel Bending – produces tight radius bends for all pipe sizes and metals.
  • CNC 2-Axis Rolling – creates perfect coils, curves, and bends in high volumes.
  • Section/Ring Rolling – rolls standard shapes such as circles, ellipses, curves, spirals, and geometric shapes.
  • End forming, notching, and swaging – tube and pipe end forming, flares, roll beads, reducing, expanding, sizing, and more.
  • Solid Bar Bending – flat and round bar metal pipe and tube manipulation for a various sizes.
  • Ready to Fabricate Pipe Kits – cost and labour-effective pipe bending solution.
  • Hydraulic Tubing – ready to install hydraulic tubing.
  • Metal Componentry – welding, brazing, CNC machining and thread rolling, profile and laser cutting, end forming, and finishing
  • Induction Bends – free shape processing and small radius bending.
  • Handrail Components – tubular ball handrail components including stanchions, bends, pipe, and kick plate.


We work with a range of metals including stainless steel, mild steel, copper, aluminium, brass, and alloys.

Our commitment

We are dedicated to providing the best value for money, efficient service, and first-class products. For metal bending in Melbourne, put Bendpro’s expertise to the test. Contact us for more information on our services.