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The Best Metal Bending Service In Adelaide

South Australia is an ideal place for industry, and that’s why it is a big part of SA’s economy. Naturally, a lot of this activity would be happening in Adelaide. There are a lot of options our clients could go with for their needs, but they have chosen us time and time again.

If you ask anyone around Adelaide who you should hire for metal bending, they will definitely recommend Bendpro. We have over 30 years of experience in this line of work, and use state of the art technology to make tough steel become any shape you need. We have been contracted to do our work for all sorts of industries across South Australia, namely the oil, mining, gas, transport, defence, engineering, medical and energy industries.

Services that we provide

  • CNC Mandrel Bending – right radius bends.
  • CNC 2-Axis Rolling – complex metal forms.
  • Section/Ring Rolling - structural supports, tube and coil bending, angle bending, flat bar and angle flanges. 
  • End forming, notching, and swaging – for all metal tubes and pipes.
  • Hydraulic Tubing – flares and pre-set metric cutting rings on tubes of various sizes.
  • Metal Componentry – welding, brazing, CNC machining and thread rolling, profile and laser cutting, end forming, and finishing.
  • Handrail Components – tubular ball handrails for industrial and pedestrian purposes. 

Our praised metal bending service has made us the leader in our industry. We not only aim to provide a high quality product, but have great relations with our Adelaide customers to really wow them. No matter how big or small you project is, you will be glad you decided to work with us here at Bendpro.