Melbourne Hydraulic Tubing

Hydraulic Tube Services Melbourne

At Bendpro we supply customised hydraulic tube products to Melbourne and surrounds.

Hydraulic tubing is used in a number of industries including agricultural, transport, oil and gas, mining, and energy. At Bendpro we produce customised ready to install piping kits, perfect for your applications.

Bendpro uses the hydraulic tube bending machines, producing industry standard 37° flares on tube sizes from 3/8" to 1 1/2" diameter and pre-sets metric cutting rings on 6 to 38mn tubes.


CNC Bending

We use the 7-axis Mandrel bending machine to create tight bends in the metal without crumpling it. CNC bending is used primarily for barriers, fencing, shelving, and signage.

CNC Coiling

Bendpro’s CNC 2-Axis rolling apparatus allows us to produce complex curved metal parts on mass for less money. Coils are commonly used in architectural balustrades, playground equipment, fencing, and security grills.

CNC End Forming

We specialise in tube and pipe processing, notching, and swaging, enabling us to mould the perfect form for your product. Our CNC end former is able to reduce and expand tube ends. We work with all metal types including aluminium, stainless steel, brass, and copper.

Finishing & Identification

We ensure our kits are easy to access and assemble. Before dispatch we give the tubes a full clean, attach cap ends if required, and tag and package the product before shipping it to you.

At Bendpro our customer service and manufacturing are second to none. For more information on our hydraulic tube services for Sydney and surrounds, contact us today.