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Mandrel Bend Adelaide

Mandrel Bends by Adelaide’s Metal Bending Specialist

Trust Bendpro’s experience for CNC Mandrel bends in Adelaide. Our advanced machinery makes precision bends, customised to your application requirements.

Bendpro provide professional mandrel bending services to Adelaide clients from a number of different industries including construction, engineering, automotive, oil, gas, and energy. Our experienced team is able to assist in the design and manufacture of your components, ensuring optimum quality and functionality.

Advanced Technology

We use a 7-Axis Mandrel bending machine. The Mandrel sits inside the tube or pipe to prevent collapse or wrinkling. This machinery is able to produce tight customised bends to all sizes of tubing and pipes. However complex your design, the 7-Axis machine can create the right shape for your applications. We exercise rigid quality controls, making sure the shape and wall thickness of the tubing is preserved throughout the bending process. This way we achieve the look and function you need without compromising the metal’s quality. We bend mild and stainless steel pipes and tubes.


Mandrel bending has several applications including:

  • Hand railing
  • Fencing
  • Crash barriers
  • Industrial shelving
  • Signage
  • Safety railing
  • Conveyor guard surrounds

Trust Mandrel bending specialists with over 30 years’ experience, state of the art technology, and personalised customer service. Bendpro has the perfect metal bending solution for your next project.
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